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Upon graduation from law school I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Johnson County, Kansas trying hundreds of cases both to a judge or jury. My private practice began in 1979, and handled a general practice primarily focused on family law cases of adoptions, paternity and divorce. During each initial conference I encourage clients to negotiate or mediate their cases as the traditional trial practice is not designed to quickly resolve cases. Many cases require formal discovery of financial assets, depositions of the parties and engagement of accountants or other experts. Further court dockets are sometimes booked months in advance and a pretrial and trial setting could be delayed a year. Trial litigation is never the best option as the emotional trauma and financial assets wasted in litigation can never be recovered. Clients should recognize they know more about their family than any other person and should strive to reach a settlement before allowing a judge to decide their case. Most judges in each case will advise the parties they will make a decision based upon the evidence presented but neither party may be happy with it.

After many years of working to negotiate and mediate settlements and trial litigation, I firmly believe the collaborative law process with each party having an attorney to explain the legal issues, a qualified financial neutral to evaluate their financial assets to achieve an equitable division and a divorce coach/child specialist to counsel the parties is the best solution for most cases. If a separation agreement can be reached a petition is filed with the court. After the required sixty day waiting period has passed the agreement is filed with the court and a decree can be submitted for approval. Most judges will approve the decree without either party appearing in court. Collaborative practice is the most cost effective means to reach an equitable division of their assets and if the parties have children will provide the foundation to work together for their children’s future. I have on many occasions cited a minister who stated as he signed the initial divorce pleadings “I had a bad marriage but I am going to have a great divorce.” He thereafter made every effort in the negotiations to minimize the impact of the divorce on his children. Collaborative law allows the participants to reach a settlement in a fair and respectful manner.


Professional Licenses



  • Kansas Bar Association
  • Johnson County Bar Association, including many years on the Johnson County Family Law Bench Bar Committee
  • National Academy of Collaborate Professionals
  • Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Kansas City
  • Served as an advisor for Temporary Lodging for Children
  • Longtime member of the Mission Optimist Club
  • Theater for Young America Board of Directors



  • Kansas University with a B.A. in political science and history
  • J.D. from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.


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