Step 2: Information Gathering

• Gather financial information:
o Document assets, debt, income and expense
o Value assets and debt
o Document and value potential separate property
o Identify each party’s initial preferences for asset and debt division
o Note any outstanding issues
• Develop emotional background:
o Family dynamics
o Emotional state of each person
o Interests
• Develop parenting plan:
o Identify each person’s initial parenting plan preferences
o Note any outstanding issues

Typical Timeline:
• Team email exchange or phone conference before each joint meeting to prepare agenda and discuss status
• Three 3 way meetings with Financial Specialist to gather and document information and value assets and note preferences.
• Three 3 way meetings with Neutral Coach to address interests and develop tentative parenting plan preferences
• 2 way meeting between the Collaborative attorney and client to clarify interests
• Financial Neutral and Coach prepare email summary of their meetings and circulate to professionals

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