Step 1: Establish a Safe Container for the Collaborative Process

• Couple Meets with Respective Collaborative attorney
• Couple meets with full Collaborative team
o Divorce options reviewed
o Collaborative framework and road map clarified
o Roles and expectations of the Collaborative professionals communicated
o Remaining concerns addressed
o Collaborative agreements signed
o Funding of the Collaborative team determined
o All anticipated Collaborative meetings scheduled
o Temporary arrangements discussed and established

Typical Timeline:
• First meeting between a client and a Collaborative professional to describe process choices
• Enlist other party – through assisting client or direct contact with other party
• Selection of Collaborative professionals
• Communication between collaborative professionals
• Schedule initial 6 way meeting if possible especially if couple reluctant to engage neutrals
• Plan agenda for first joint meeting
• Initial 6 way meeting, establish safe container, discuss benefits of neutral participation
• Schedule all anticipated Collaborative meetings if possible
• Debrief with team
• Neutral coach prepares minutes

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