How to Choose a Collaborative Professional.

Choosing your Collaborative Professionals
Your divorce process will most likely involve emotional, financial and legal issues. The Collaborative approach is designed to create and iStock_000012028490XSmallmaintain a safe place for you and your spouse to move through the divorce process successfully with a minimum of discomfort.  You may have learned about the Collaborative divorce process by first speaking with a Collaborative Attorney, a Collaborative Neutral Coach or a Financial Professional in which case you may have already started forming your team of problem solvers.  Research shows that one of the best predictors of a positive divorce process and outcome is the selection by divorcing spouses of Collaborative Professionals who respect each other and who have successful track records of settling cases together, working together effectively and efficiently to help you reach creative, respectful and thoughtful solutions.

Be sure that all of your team members are qualified members of a Collaborative Practice group, and that each of them is experienced, trained, and committed to the Collaborative model. These professionals are the most likely to follow a shared model for Collaboration, and to have made the effort to become trained as effective Collaborative lawyers, coaches and financial specialists.  Members of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Kansas City meet International Academy of Collaborative Professional (IACP) standards for practice excellence. You can learn more about our members here or on the IACP website at  Anyone selecting a Collaborative team should investigate and choose carefully. Below is a list of questions to ask before you hire a professional.

Questions to ask before you hire a Collaborative Professional:
1. Ask an Attorney: Do you have substantial experience in divorce law?
2. Ask a Financial Professional: Are you a licensed CPA or CFP certified as a divorce financial analyst?
3. Ask a Neutral Divorce Coach: Do you have a certification and training in interpersonal relationships and/or child development?
4. Ask each: How long have you been practicing Collaborative Divorce?
5. Ask each: Have you helped a substantial number of Collaborative couples divorce successfully?
6. Ask each: Have you had any cases fall out of Collaboration?
7. Ask each: What training have you received in mediation?
8. Ask each: Which other Collaborative Professionals have you worked with in the past and how successfully?
9. Ask each: Are you a member of a local Collaborative Practice group?
10. Ask each: Are you a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)?

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