If the divorce process conjures up scenes from 1989’s battle-filled divorce comedy “The War of the Roses,” you’re not alone.  Did you know that there is a different way?  A way that ends up being fair and equitable for both parties? Collaborative divorce is an affordable divorce process in which you and your spouse are each represented by a separate Collaborative attorney.

The collaborative divorce process is an interdisciplinary divorce process that also includes a neutral financial specialist who helps you make sound financial decisions.  In addition, there is a neutral divorce coach, and a trained mental health professional who assists you both to identify and communicate your needs and interests to each other in a respectful manner so that you better understand your different perspectives.

Unlike a divorce trial, approaching divorce from a collaborative approach yields the following:

  • Respect– through communication, awareness and listening
  • Confidentiality– you are able to keep your divorce proceedings more private
  • Future-oriented– Collaborative divorce provides a better understanding of the issues that led up to your divorce, then focuses on how you both want to move forward rather than dwelling on the past.  It’s not simply walking away from the past; it’s learning a new way to move forward.
  • Affordable- Collaboration usually costs less in money, time, and emotional currency when compared to hiring adversarial lawyers and going to court.
  • Transparent- In the Collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse agree to disclose honestly and completely all relevant information to the Professional team.

Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Kansas City is a group of professionals in the Kansas City area.  We are lawyers, financial specialists, neutral coaches and mental health professionals dedicated to seeking amicable resolutions for our clients.  We are here to serve you, and members of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Kansas City meet International Academy of Collaborative Professional (IACP) standards for practice excellence.  Please email us today and we’re happy to answer any questions or get things started.