Welcome to those visitors new to our blog, website and social media accounts!  To our past clients and friends:  Welcome back!  We are making an effort to improve our communication, and as part of that, will put a renewed emphasis on our blog.  You’ll want to check back for useful information on topics like:

  • collaborative divorce and law
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We’ll even feature guest posts authored by Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Kansas City group members from time to time.

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Our group of attorneys, financial professionals, mental health professionals and neutral coaches is committed to helping people achieve a fair and equitable divorce outcome that is respectful, transparent, future-oriented, self-determined, affordable and confidential.

Research shows that one of the best predictors of a positive divorce process and outcome is the selection of Collaborative Professionals who respect each other and have successful track records of settling cases together.   These professionals work together effectively and efficiently to help divorcing couples reach creative, respectful and thoughtful solutions. Members of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Greater Kansas City meet International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) standards for practice excellence.

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